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Our products are offered in the European Union and on the Asian, South American, North American and Middle East markets. Our company’s offer reflects trends and preferences on the consumer market. The company develops products bearing in mind our customers’ needs for an effective, safe and, above all, natural skin care.

Despite the dynamic growth of the demand for natural skin care products during the last few years, the market supply still cannot keep up with it. In some countries and regions, the lack of cosmetics based on natural raw materials is especially visible. These are, among others, China, Japan and all the remaining Asian markets.
This is mainly the result of difficulties faced by manufacturers specialised in production of conventional cosmetics which would like to change their production technology and raw material resources. It is very difficult for them to implement the technology of manufacturing natural preparations, compared to that of conventional products based on synthetic ingredients. This is mainly due to the need to eliminate the majority of base materials, from which they have been manufacturing products until now and which they know best. Changes within this area require investments in new skills and new technological knowledge almost from the scratch,
Another issue is connected to high costs of natural ingredients which influence the price of the final product. Then, there is also the risk of unsuccessful implementation. Finally, there is a problem with the lack of access to reliable studies confirming the effects and effectiveness of natural cosmetic raw materials.

As a result, not many companies, especially renowned ones conducting their activity on a large-scale, decide to introduce new ingredients and solutions. Most of them remain careful when it comes to “naturality” of their products, settling for superficial marketing declarations concerning the product’s ecological nature, usually limited to the use of ecological packaging. In addition, many still believe in a myth that natural products cause allergies, and thus, the fear of taking up this kind of a risk inhibits, or even paralyses manufacturers. On the other hand, there is the customer market which is clearly insatiable.

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